12 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

I’ve been doing a bit of digging through my bookmarks in my Google Chrome web browser, and I’ve noticed that I’ve bookmarked about twenty resourceful links to help monetize a website in particular, and I thought to my self, why not make a blog post out of it? Sure why not. So, out of that twenty sites that I bookmarked, I picked 11 I thought were important and so, I would like to share.

Opinion Outpost – Opinion Outpost is one of the legitimate survey panels out there that actually paid good for survey takers. Expect $1-$10 per survey. Time it takes per surveys ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. Best of all, it is free.
Synovate – Synovate is a panel worth joining. Fast payments with great compensation.
Ipsos I-say – Ipsos I-say is also one of the better free paid survey panels out there as well. Get our free complimentary list of the free survey panels here.
LightSpeed Panel – A well organized group that simply pays for your opinion as well. Has been known to be one of the most legitimate panels out there.
Google Adsense – Google’s publisher’s program is one of the better incentivized program out there that pays probably the most in the PPC market.
Chitika – Chitika is probably known as the second best PPC program right after Google’s publisher program, Adsense.
Clickbank – Clickbank is simply a must for any serious affiliate marketer. This is a must for any serious Internet marketer as well.
Shareasale – Shareasale is one of the better affiliate networks that simply pay publishers to do the required action. Whether it be per sale, per lead, or per click, they deliver your money.
Associated Content – Have a thing for writing? Make it profitable. Build up a community of readers and get paid per impression/article.
Ebay – Everyone probably have already heard of Ebay. Simply auction off merchandises or stuff you keep in your storage to make some extra money.
ProStores – Start your own ecommerce site and start selling your products online. Make it an extra source of revenue and make your store international for the world to see.
Google Adwords – Adwords, the potential lead magnet in terms of generating sales, you can be making money off leads from Google’s advertising program, Adwords, if you got a great webpage that converts of course.
Try each method one after another. If you find one that fits your personel, simply continue doing it, and you could be making money online instantly. Experienced any one of these programs listed above? Share your stories and your experiences with us. We enjoy hearing them!

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