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How do bloggers make money from blogs?

I’ve been reflecting this week about the amazing diversity of opportunities that are opening up for bloggers to make money from blogs.

I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.

The wonderful thing is that this is becoming easier and easier to do 2005 has seen many options opening up. I thought I’d take a look at some of the methods that bloggers are currently using to make money through blogs.

Income Streams for Bloggers - How they Make Money from Blogs

Advertising Programs - Perhaps the most obvious changes in the past few months have been with the addition of a variety of viable advertising options for bloggers. The most common way bloggers seem to earn money online is via the contextual ad program from Google - Adsense. Another two popular ones with many is BlogAds. A more recent addition that many are using successfully are Chitika’s eMiniMalls and CrispAds, Text Link Ads.
Adgenta, Azoogle Ads, Intelli Txt, Peak Click, DoubleClickTribal Fusion, Adbrite, Clicksor, Industry Brains, AdHearUs, Kanoodle, AVN, Pheedo, Adknowledge, YesAdvertising, RevenuePilotTextAds, SearchFeed, Target Point, Bidvertiser, Fastclick Value Click and OneMonkey (to name just some of the options - I’m sure I’ve forgotten some) and there is a smorgasbord of options. Of course there is more to come with MSN Adcenter and YPN both in beta testing and with a variety of other advertising system currently in development (so I hear).

RSS Advertising - The past 12 months have seen some advances in RSS Advertising also. I’m yet to hear of any bloggers making big money through it to this point - but as improvements are made to the ad programs exploring this I’m sure we’ll start to see examples of it being profitable.

Sponsorship - In addition to the array of advertising programs that are available to join there is a growing awareness in the business of the value and opportunity that exists for them to advertise directly on blogs. I’m hearing more and more examples of this and have been fortunately to have a couple of ad campaigns of my own in the past month - one with Adobe a couple of weeks ago and another just completed with Ricoh for a new digicam over at my Digital Camera Blog. These are not isolated cases - as I say I know of many blogs exploring sponsorship with advertisers at present and suspect we’ll see more of it in the year ahead. Sponsorship is also happening on a post by post basis with some bloggers being paid to write on certain topics by companies - either in one off or a regular fashion - and they are able to make big money from their blogs doing so.

Affiliate Programs - There are larger affiliate programs like Amazon, Linkshare, Clickbank and Commission Junction but also literally thousands of others from the large to the very small.
Digital Assets - Increasing numbers of bloggers have been developing other digital assets to support and add revenue streams to their blogs. By this I mean that I’m increasingly seeing e-books, courses and tele-seminars being run by bloggers. My recent foray into this with the first series of the six figure blogging course that Andy and I ran a few weeks ago and have just released the study version of. This type of activity will only increase in future - in fact this week I’ve seen numerous examples of bloggers running courses.

Blog Network Opportunities - with the rise in popularity of Blog Networks - bloggers are also being presented with more places to earn an income from their blogging - by writing for and with others. While it might be difficult to get a writing gig with one of the bigger networks - there are plenty who are always asking for new bloggers to join and who are willing to pay bloggers using a variety of payment models. While there are distinct advantages of blogging for yourself - blogging for an established network who will handle a lot of the set up/promotion/admin/SEO etc has it’s advantages also. More and more bloggers are combining writing for themselves on their own blogs with taking on blog network blogs as additional income streams.

Business Blog Writing Opportunities - as blogging has risen in it’s profile as a medium more and more businesses are starting blogs. Many of these companies have internal staff take on blogging duties - but an increasing number of them are hiring specialist bloggers to come on and run their blogs. I know of a number of bloggers who in the past month or two have been approached for such paid work. Check out Bloggers for Hire if you’re looking for this type of work.

Non Blogging Writing Opportunities - Also becoming more common are bloggers being hired to write in non blogging mediums. Manolo’s recent coup of a column in the Washington Post is just one example of this as bloggers are increasingly being approached to write for newspapers, magazines and other non blog websites. Along side this is the rise of bloggers as published book authors - this is to the extent that one blogger I spoke with this week complained to me that they were one of the few bloggers than they knew who didn’t have a book deal!

Donations - Tip Jars and donation buttons have been a part of blogging for years now but this last year saw a number of bloggers go full time after fundraising drives. Perhaps the most high profile of these was Jason Kottke of who through the generosity of his readership was able to quit his job and become a full time blogger.

Flipping Blogs - Also more common in 2005 was the practice of ‘Blog Flipping’ - or selling of blogs. This has happened both on an individual blog level (I can think of about 20 blogs that sold this year) but also on a network level (the most obvious of these being the 8 figure sale of Weblogs Inc to AOL).

Merchandising - My recent attempt to sell T-shirts wasn’t a raging success, but it is an example of how an increasing number of bloggers are attempting to make a few extra dollars from their blogs by selling branded products through programs like Cafepress (although I have to say they’ve lost one of my own orders and are being quite unresponsive to my requests to follow it up at present). While I didn’t have a lot of success with merchandising - quite a few larger blogs are seeing significant sales - especially blogs with a cult following. I’m not at liberty to discuss details - but I know of one largish blog which will see sales over $20,000 in merchandise for the calendar year of 2005.

Consulting and Speaking - While it has been popular for established consultants to add blogs to their businesses we’re also starting to see bloggers with no consulting background able to make money by charging readers for their time in consulting scenarios BECAUSE of the profile that their blogs have built them. Blogging has the ability to establish people as experts on niche topics and we all know the value of being perceived as an expert. I spoke to one blogger last month who charges himself out at over $200 an hour for speaking and consulting work - his area of expertise was something that he knew little about 18 months ago - but through his blog he’s become a leader in his field and a minor celebrity in his industry.

As time rolls on there are more and more ways that bloggers make money from their blogs opening up. Feel free to suggest your own ideas and experiences in comments below.

Earn Money by Reading Emails : Do it the right way and start earning

We had heard about the hype, we heard about how easy it is, we heard about how much we can make,Did we really can make some extra cash with these programs? The answer is YES if you know the right way to do it and here is how.

The first thing that any of you need to consider in order to earn your money is which company you would like to join. You wouldn’t want to see the company you had join suddenly close their business before you ask for your payout after reading 300 commercial E-mail don’t you? There is a lot of earn money by reading email program out there that you could join like You can also use search engine to search for some website that got a list of program and review to help you make your choice.

If you found any earn money by reading emails program,you really should hear about what other people said about that company before you sign up.You could save a lot of time by doing this.One thing you can do to find out what people said about that company you just found is by using the search engine and go to any forum to look at what other people comment about that company

The next step that you got to do is. As you know it, read some email. Just like any other ways of earning money you will need to spend a little bit of your time and effort to read those commercial emails that you’ll receive. Its better if you could spend at least once a day to check if there is any commercial emails for you to read.

You don’t always need to count on those email to earn, Another more easy way to earn is to refer some one and earn some money while they reading their email. There is several ways that you can use to get some referral, one of the best way is to build your own website or blog that have a list of earn money by reading email program along with their review


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Five Common Scammer Methods to Avoid

Poor spelling or grammar in emails: Scammers will often product misspellings in their email in an effort to avoid triggering spam filters for common keywords in their messages - they are savvy and can spell - rather, what you are seeing is a sophisticated attempt to maximize the reach of their messages within as many inboxes as possible. Most commonly the spelling will be off on words such as “pharmacy”, “money”, “gambling” or related “sin” industries that are commonly promoted via spam.

Surrogate representation: Any time that you are dealing with a person who claims they are a stand-in for the person you originally attempted to contact, whatever the reason given (vacation, sickness, etc.), you should be wary and watch out for a possible scam. Always make direct contact with the person whom you intended to work with, as this is the most surefire way to guarantee legitimacy. Seek out references with anyone you work with, and call a company to verify a new employee in case you are assigned a new point of contact.

Inheritance scams: Common scams today are emails wherein individuals claim to be heirs to a fortune that they cannot access. Whenever you get an email like this, you need to invoke your own internal scam watch. Most commonly, they will request your bank information so that they can wire you some money - never give out any financial information. In other variants of the scam, you may be requested to send an initial forwarding loan amount in exchange for the right to a piece of the larger fortune, but you should never send any payment either, especially by wire or cash.

Low, low prices: Often, companies will have offers with prices that are much below the standard market price. If prices seem to low, they may very well signal a scam. You should do due diligence on the background on the company, including verified 3rd party reviews. Quite often you’ll see these low prices on electronics from Asian distributors. Name brand electronics are rarely marked below certain prices, while unknown manufacturer names should also be a source of caution. Even if an unknown manufacturer really delivers, you need to ensure quality, warranties and return policies.

Cheap, fast loans: You’ll often see offers for loans that will pay out nearly instantly - these should again be signals for you to be cautious. Never accept a loan from anyone other than a reputable institution that provides the necessary safeguards and guarantees. Payday loan scams are a common form of scams, especially if they ask for upfront payment or a “good faith” advance. Instead, work with well-known credit companies or banks if you’re in need of short term financing.

There are countless scams on the ‘net but by identifying the most common sources, you’ll be one step ahead of the criminals.


What is a scam?
A SCAM is a fraudulent attempt to steal your money or to deceive and manipulate you into giving your money to an individual or corporation who doesn't deserve it. A scam typically promises a large return with little or no risk involved.

How do I avoid scams?
Various research has shown that 95% of scams originate from spam (spam scams). With this in mind, our single most important piece of advice would be to ignore all spam. Remember, if it's spam, it's a scam! For more information regarding spam, check out our spam page.
Always be cautious of any company that asks for money even if it looks like a legitimate reason (registration fees, instruction manual etc). There is absolutely no logic in paying to work!
Don't trust everyone. Just as you wouldnt trust a stranger with your money in real life, there is no reason why you should do so on the internet.
Research each company well, checking the whois details as explained in the the tips page, and always ask for a few references you can call. Call each person and ask about their experiences with the company. Avoid PTR scams by checking out our list of paying PTR programs.
Finally, when a good opportunity comes your way, remember, the basic law of nature, what looks too good to be true, normally isnt true!

Do you think you have been scammed?
According to recent statistics from the National Consumer League’s list of Top 10 Net Frauds, online auctions seem to top the list of Internet scams for a few years running. Many people have got scammed on the Internet, but today the scammed person is not necessarily the loser. Stop blaming yourself and fight scams NOW.
Start by reporting scams to the local police, FBI, Secret Service, post office, phone company, local newspaper and tv station, your bank and credit card company, your lawyer and the Department of Consumer Affairs.
Besides, consider reporting scams to the following agencies which are specialised in dealing with Internet scams.
Internet Fraud Complaint Center - this is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), that strives to address fraud and scams committed over the Internet.
Better Business Bureau - file an online complaint against any company or charity that has treated you unfairly. The site also provides a national database of reliability reports. A positive report doesn't mean the company is definately a legitimate one, but on the other hand, companies with negative reports should be avoided.
Rip Off Report - file a report about any fraud or rip off scam you have come across. The report you file will be placed online for the world to see!
The National Fraud Information Center - this site is US based and is specialised in dealing with most kinds of internet and telemarketing frauds/scams.
Fraud Watch International - seeks to reduce the incidence of Internet fraud by educating consumers, shutting down fraudulent and scam sites and prosecuting frauders.
Federal Trade Commission - allows you to file a complaint about a particular company or organization, using a secure complaint form. Although the FTC does not resolve individual consumer problems, the complaint helps in fraud investigation, and can lead to law enforcement action.
ScamWatch - an Australia based site that covers all sorts of scams from financial and investment scams such as pyramid schemes to miracle cures and instant weight loss treatments. Scamwatch keeps a look out for new scams, rorts and rip offs and provides the locals places to report it.

Make Money Online: Three Fast Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online may be impossible for some people, but not for you. Through this article you will learn how to do it fast and easy. So be ready with your bank account, because you will earn a lot of money if you follow these tips.

The first thing that you should do is to increase your website traffic, because you will have more chances of sales or adsense clicks, being visited by more people and more chances to earn money online.

For this you should make as many traffic exchanges as you can, since this will allow you to obtain more visits from other websites. One important thing is to know the type of website traffic you have in order to decide what kind of tools you may offer to those visitors.

Other way to increase website traffic to make money online consists in the promotion of a newsletter signup page, which you should send later a serial of automated emails promoting your product or affiliate products.

The second thing that you can do to earn money online is to carry out a SEO or search engine optimization, a key term used in the web today. This system will allow you to obtain more qualified visitors to your own site when you get a better ranking on the net while they look for something just surfing on the bigger search engines.

Through better positions of your own website in the search engines, like MSN, Yahoo or Google, you may also make more money on line selling and promoting any product you want to launch to the market. The important thing for this is to have current and good content on your website. Write your own articles and publish them in different articles directories like this one you are reading right now.

To earn money online, the third thing that you can do is to start a newsletter or ezine. It does not matter if your web site is large or small, just post the code for newsletters that different websites have onto your own web site.

For example, Google offers “Free Mailing Groups”, an auto-responder system used to submit a newsletter to your subscription list. There are various free scripts that carry out this function. In other words, through this way you will allow people to subscribe for your newsletter or ezine with the latest news you will have about your products and promotions.A free gift might be absolutely necessary in order to motivate your visitor to give you his – her name an email address.

Make Fast Money Online - 3 Simple Steps !!!

People all over the world are making money via the internet selling products and services. It makes sense as you can have access to a global marketplace that is always open and you don’t even need your own products. So you want to make fast money online? Well in this article I will outline 3 simple steps you can take to make this happen. The key is you must be willing to take action. The greatest ideas in the world are useless unless you are willing to take action.

The first thing you are going to want to do to make fast money online is some market research. Many people never take the time to do some research to find out if people are interested in what they’re selling (or about to be selling.) You also have to understand why people choose to buy things. People choose to buy things because of perceived benefit or perceived value. People buy a weight loss e-book because they are sold on hope; the hope that by buying this product, they will be able to lose weight and look better. People join business opportunities out of hope for more money and a better life. Understand that hope sells. Find something to market that has people looking for it and that sells hope.

Another thing we must discuss if you want to make fast money online deals with leveraging other people’s knowledge and experience. The fact is if you knew how to make money online, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Also, if you knew how to make money online, you would have the experience and knowledge necessary do so on your own. But you don’t know how to do this and if you try and figure it out on your own, you’re going to have to go through a learning curve. Making the mistakes and learning as you go is not conducive to making fast money online. If you can find a mentor and leverage their knowledge and experience, you can drastically reduce the learning curve and get in profit mode much quicker. There are many multi-level programs out there where a new marketer can get the support of a mentor or sponsor. I recommend these programs only if you are able to work with a proven successful team and mentor. You want to be learning from people who are actually making money and who can help you do the same thing.

The last idea we will discuss to make fast money online is to try and find proven marketing systems that you can plug into and take action. If you are able to plug into a system that produces results, you’re ability to make money quickly is much greater. When you have a system that works, you can take action and know that if you keep taking action and doing what the system says to do, you will have success. When you can focus on taking action, you are able to focus on the one thing that separates the successful from the unsuccessful, ACTION!

To make fast money online do some research and find a product/opportunity that is getting searched for and sells some kind of hope. Find a mentor whose knowledge and experience you can use to your advantage. And finally, find a system that is proven to work so you can focus on the most important element of any online business, taking action.Aaron Meredith is a successful entrepreneur who has been involved in network marketing since 2003. He now builds his business primarily online via internet marketing. For a limited time, Aaron is offering mentoring to those serious about achieving success online.

Make Money Online .....!

There are several easy ways to make money online. While most businesses require a significant amount of upfront work and capital, an online business requires only moderate amounts of work and a very small investment - typically $30 or less.

Getting Organized and Motivated To Make Money Online
Before getting starting trying to make money online, follow these simple steps to get motivated and organized to work on your new business:

First, clear a work area for yourself in your home. Make sure it is far away from any distractions. The best place is a spare bedroom, preferably with a door that you can close to avoid distractions.

Second, figure out why you want to make money online. Write down a list of reasons. What do you wish to achieve? What would you do if you happened to get rich overnight? You can't be irresponsible with your money, or your business, or it will never flourish. Setup a simple plan to deal with your finances so you don't blow it all when the gold starts flowing in.

Third, take 15 minutes every night to plan what you need to do in the next day. This will make you far more productive. List things in order from top priority to lowest priority. I recommend getting a dry erase board and have it placed in your office area so you can easily erase things off of your list as you complete this. This will help give you a sense of accomplishment.

Fourth, sketch out a solid plan for your online business. While it costs less and requires far less time to launch an internet business, you should still be planning out every step of the way. It will allow you to organize a daily "attack plan" to advance your business goals and make money online.

Fifth, stick to your plan. You can't flock from one thing to another in search for the "next great way" to make money online. Stick to the fundamentals - the stuff that has worked for years, and won't stop working. Find a market need, and fill the need. Once you have a plan, stick with it! You'll be surprised how far a little focus goes.

Make Money Online With The Simple Formula

Now that you're organized and prepared to make money online, it's time to teach you something BIG. All online business and ways to make money online follow one simple formula:

Product + Traffic + Sales Page = $$$

Write that formula down. Let it sink into your head. It's simple, but powerful!

No matter what you're doing online, you're following this formula. If you have a website that has tons of content and you're making money through Google AdSense, you're providing traffic to someone else's product (or service) and sales page. You're providing them with leads in exchange for a cut of their (and Google's) profits. Of course, this is just one example. We could others, but we're not here to waste your time.

So, what's the key that REALLY allows you to make money online?

Simple: Take complete control of the formula yourself!

Get the traffic and direct it to your OWN product and your OWN sales page to really pull in the cash. YOU need to own the entire process yourself! Don't rely on affiliate marketing or AdSense for your well-being. You could be squashed like a bug at anytime - after all, they're the ones making all the money.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to research and develop your own product. It takes months of hard work or a hefty investment. Many people put in the investment and don't make money online. There is a great alternative though, but we can't reveal it quite yet. You have the pass the "test" first...

The Simple Test That Determines If You're Ready To Make Money Online

If you can't honestly answer "yes" to the following questions, you need to sit down and think twice about starting an online business:
* Are you willing to take risks?
* Will you be able to commit at least 30 minutes a day to your online business?
* Are you able to stay focused and determined?
* Are you committed to long-term results?
* Do you have a clear goal of how much you want to earn?

These questions should get you thinking about what it really takes to "make it" online. Even if you're just looking to supplement the income from your job, it takes time and effort to do so.

Looking For A Solid Business Plan To Make Money Online

Now that you understand what you need to make money online, it's time to talk more about that organized plan we briefly mentioned earlier.

You should look for a solid business plan with these characteristics:
*Simple and easy to implement.
* High, long-term income potential.
* Repeatable: the more "work" you put in, the more results you get
* Allows you to "own" the entire formula: Product + Traffic + Sales Page
* Doesn't rely on others for your income (e.g., NOT affiliate marketing)

Unfortunately, most online courses don't meet these criteria. They encourage you take the easy path which produces only short-term results. Don't take their word for it - others are getting rich off of your hard work. You're getting only a tiny fraction of the pie, since a long-term customer can be worth hundreds, if not thousands. Would you be willing to trade a $10 or $20 commission for hundreds of dollars in the long run? You bet!

5 Hot Ways to Make Money Online When You Need Money Now

Every day, people are becoming millionaires doing business over the Internet. You can be one of them. Once you find a market, or customers, who are able and willing to buy your product, you are on your way.
What are some hot areas right now where people are buying? They are the same areas that interest everyone. They include weight loss, pet products, vacations and travel, baby gifts, jobs, dating, games, toys, cars, food, and home based businesses.

Each one of these areas has a lot of competition so it is important to select a niche to focus on. Before you know it, you will have a solid core of loyal customers who will continue to buy from you.

In the meantime, here are 5 ways that successful marketers use to make money online.

1) Affiliate Marketing. In this case, you act as a distributor or reseller of goods for another company. You make a commission on each sale. The easiest way of starting out is to join an affiliate network and let them handle your commission. Not only is this a real money maker but it means your only job is marketing.There is no need to worry about creating a product, storage, customer service, insurance, or shipping. No wonder affiliate marketing is such a winner.

2) Sales Copy. Marketers go to the end of the earth to get sales copy that does the job. Good sales copy can even make a poor product fly off the shelves. If you feel uneasy about writing your own sales copy, outsource the job. Do a Google search for writers of sales copy, ask others for recommendations, and look up writers on business forums. Good sales copy does not come cheap. It may cost from $5000 to $10,000, but it is worth every penny.

3) Drop Shipped Products. If you want to set up in business fast but you do not have a product, drop shipping may be the answer. Once you know who your customers will be, you can check out drop shippers and find the right product to offer customers. This is not quite as carefree as affiliate marketing, though. Here, the marketing, customer service, and payment processing is up to you in most cases. Choose a high-demand product, though, and you can be in for a lot of money.

4) Membership Site. A membership site can be an excellent money maker. Income is fairly steady as members are automatically renewed each month by credit card. The real work comes in constantly finding new content. Also, it is important to attract new members on a regular basis. By outsourcing most of the work, you can turn your membership site into a goldmine without trying too hard.

5) Paid advertising. The Internet is an ideal arena for ads. Selling ad space is a great way to make money without trying too hard. Like any Web site, the ad site needs to have a theme as well as fresh, original content to draw visitors. Since the ads are prepaid, there is no reason to be concerned with pay per click. Advertisers want to see a fairly high traffic volume before buying ad space on your site.

Marketers often set up several paid advertising sites based on different themes and derive multiple streams of income from them.

There you have it – 5 ways to help you become a millionaire online. The Internet is a marketer’s dream. It is a low-price, instant medium to display a product to the whole world and make immediate sales. Any one of the above 5 hot ways can help you make money online when you need money now.

How to Make Money for Your Web Site !

Profiting a web site is always a hot topic for web site owner. As business model of Internet keeps on changing, a lot of opportunity have occurred for us to make money from. And below are the 6 most practical ways for you to profit your web site.

Selling Advertisement

Selling advertisement for your web site is a classic ways to profit a website. Usually, it's hard to find the advertisers unless your web site is very famous with a lot of traffic. Now as the growing of the PPC (pay for click) advertising network, you will only need to work with them and put some advertisement source code into your web site. Those advertisement network will be responsible for finding the advertiser and put the advertisement to your web site. You will be paid each time your audiences have clicked the advertisement.Right now, this method is still the most common business model for most of the web sites, and the most famous PPC advertising network are Google Adsense and Yahoo Advertising Network.

Selling Products or Service

This kind of web site is also referred as e-Commerce web site, where web site owners sell the product or service online. The typical web site for this type is, but definitely, you have no need to create a so big one. You can build an e-Commerce web site and sell the products (or service) you produce or those you believe you can provide better price to your audiences. Be warned: Doing it right is harder than it looks.

Affiliate Products from Other Web Site

Affiliating product have become an important ways to profit a web site. Compared with other method, this is somehow new. By putting a link in your web site which will points to another web site (usually it's an e-Commerce web site), if your audience make a purchase on that web site, you will be paid with some amount of money as referral bonus.

In order to affiliate product, you can join the affiliate network which have collected a lot of vendors for you and will consolidate all your earning into one check. Want to know where are those affiliate networks, please refer to Best Affiliate Network Review.

Offer Paid Content

The content in Internet is usually free. But if your content is unique and valuable, you can charge money for online access to them. You also can choose to charge the fee to access part of your web site and put the rest as free. The strategy is quite flexible, and it depends on how comfortable you feel about the content of your web site.

Build a Saas (Software as a Service), and Sell it Online

Saas is treated as next generation application. Instead of licensing software on a permanent basic, user will rent to use the software online. And you, as service provider, will response for the whole infrastructure and maintain the application. Saas application will be more and more popular online.

Do Email Marketing

Besides waiting for people to visit your web site, you can send email to them to advertise your product. Just lay off spam, you need to make sure that a customer wants your email before you send it. You can put an newsletter subscribe function in your web site to collect the email.