12 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

I’ve been doing a bit of digging through my bookmarks in my Google Chrome web browser, and I’ve noticed that I’ve bookmarked about twenty resourceful links to help monetize a website in particular, and I thought to my self, why not make a blog post out of it? Sure why not. So, out of that twenty sites that I bookmarked, I picked 11 I thought were important and so, I would like to share.

Opinion Outpost – Opinion Outpost is one of the legitimate survey panels out there that actually paid good for survey takers. Expect $1-$10 per survey. Time it takes per surveys ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. Best of all, it is free.
Synovate – Synovate is a panel worth joining. Fast payments with great compensation.
Ipsos I-say – Ipsos I-say is also one of the better free paid survey panels out there as well. Get our free complimentary list of the free survey panels here.
LightSpeed Panel – A well organized group that simply pays for your opinion as well. Has been known to be one of the most legitimate panels out there.
Google Adsense – Google’s publisher’s program is one of the better incentivized program out there that pays probably the most in the PPC market.
Chitika – Chitika is probably known as the second best PPC program right after Google’s publisher program, Adsense.
Clickbank – Clickbank is simply a must for any serious affiliate marketer. This is a must for any serious Internet marketer as well.
Shareasale – Shareasale is one of the better affiliate networks that simply pay publishers to do the required action. Whether it be per sale, per lead, or per click, they deliver your money.
Associated Content – Have a thing for writing? Make it profitable. Build up a community of readers and get paid per impression/article.
Ebay – Everyone probably have already heard of Ebay. Simply auction off merchandises or stuff you keep in your storage to make some extra money.
ProStores – Start your own ecommerce site and start selling your products online. Make it an extra source of revenue and make your store international for the world to see.
Google Adwords – Adwords, the potential lead magnet in terms of generating sales, you can be making money off leads from Google’s advertising program, Adwords, if you got a great webpage that converts of course.
Try each method one after another. If you find one that fits your personel, simply continue doing it, and you could be making money online instantly. Experienced any one of these programs listed above? Share your stories and your experiences with us. We enjoy hearing them!

12 Ways to Get Banned From The Google Adsense Program

The Google Adsense program is of course one of the most innovative to be in because you are associating with the world’s most unified publishers/advertisers contextual ad program that exists today.

Some Advise From Me

Getting banned from the world’s most unified contextual ad program is no easy thing to accept, and for those who believe that it is okay to be banned, it is a tremendous loss whether you believe so or not. Google Adsense is one of the most renowned publishers program in the world with one of the most highest pay rates for clicks, and I best advice you to try to avoid getting your account banned at all costs. Generally once you are banned, you will be banned for months, if not forever, and submitting for reconsideration is highly doubted to be able to be accepted again. Keeping your sources open, especially for the world’s most renowned publishers program, is essential to monetizing any site in general, and Google Adsense is one of them that you don’t want to get banned.

12 Common Ways to Get Banned

Invalid Clicks and Impressions
Publishers are prohibited to clicking their own ads and introducing methods to artifically increase their traffic through false methods. This could mean traffic exchanges and autosurfs. Some webmasters have reported that their Adsense accounts have been banned because of this, so it is best to avoid it.

Encouraging Clicks
Anything advising visitors in anyway to click your ads verbally, is prohibited. This also means that you cannot say, please support us by clicking on… and such.

Content Guidelines
Google Adsense prohibits having ads placed on sites with web themes with such adultery like gambling. Having placed your publishers code on sites violating these guidelines, can result in a banned Adsense account.

Copyrighted Material
Reported copyrighted material that is shown on your site is prohibited and may cause the loss of having your Adsense terminated because of it.

Having a Quality Site
Your site most uphold and follow these webmasters guidelines here. All the ads represents Google Adsense and its’ image and if you don’t have a quality site, they are most likely not going to accept your site in return. If Google takes you serious, you should too by improving your sites to follow these guidelines.

Strange Traffic Sources
You may not use softwares or use traffic exchanges where the pages with Google Adsense ads show up to increase the impressions and traffic ratings. Any odd behaviors coming from strange traffic can make the Adsense team suspicious.

Altaring the Code
The Google Adsense code must not be altared what so ever. This means you may not change the font size, the font, or anything. You must use only what you get. You will be surprised as to how quickly Google finds out when a code has been altared.

Innapproiate Places
Ads shouldn’t be placed within a pop up, in emails, or softwares. Anything that isn’t part of the quality website it self, the ad shouldn’t be there what so ever. Google is really strict on this case.

Changing Site Preference
The click must happen to the reader’s interest and not by a redirectation or anything interfering with user’s navigation. This means that sites that redirect to other sites, cannot have Adsense code. This includes pop unders, pop ups, and more.

Blending With Other Publisher Ads
Google prohibits the blending of ads from another publisher’s ads, and if you do so, it can result in a ban. Anything that causes the reader to think that the ad belongs to one publisher company, when it doesn’t, is prohibited. You may have different publisher ads on the same pages through, but not exactly next to each other.

Must Have a Privacy Policy
Google says that all publishers should have a privacy policy biding that third parties may read and place cookies on users’ browsers in order to collect information to increase relevancy for your ads.

Number of Ads
Google only limits publishers to have only up to three content ads, 3 link ads on a single page, and only two search boxes per page. Anything more than that using more than one publishers account can possibly result in having both possible accounts banned.

I for one use Google Adsense and I believe that you should take it seriously, even if you don’t make much from it. All the big names, such as CNN and NY Times takes it seriously, and this shows that you should too if you are a serious webmaster. Follow the guidelines and obey them, and you will be on your way from experiencing a ban free Adsense publisher experience.

3 Ways to Maximizing Your Google Adsense Earnings

One of your sites may be approved by Google Adsense, one of the top leading PPC(Pay per click) campaigns with the highest pay, but how do you get the most out of Google Adsense to prominently increasing your earnings from Google Adsense, into your pockets?

Researching Keywords

Google Adsense, one of the top paying PPC campaigns and one of the first providers of offering contextual advertising over the web for publishers to earn money by adding Google’s ads on our sites, but how do we start to maximize our profits? The answer is, researching the highest paying keywords. Researching keywords is a very crucial step into maximizing your profits from Google Adsense and also knowing where all the advertiser’s money is being spend at. Keywords with the highest paying CPC(Cost per click) are to be known as the jackpots of Google Adsense, because that is where all the competition is at and where all the advertisers are paying loads of money into. You want to find those keywords and keywords that are somewhat similar also and add them into your site’s meta tags. However, where do we start in findind these “top paying” keywords?


Spyfu – One of the most useful tools on the web for new webmasters to look up the highest paying keywords that are up to date and possibly use them to their advantage. With Spyfu, you are also able to look up keywords and the possible competition that advertisers are paying for a certain keyword. You can learn more about Spyfu on our reviewed tool sites section, here.
Word Tracker – Although the word tracker may not be as helpful as Spyfu, unless you buy the premium version, it will tell you accordingly, how many people searched up a certain keyword in a period of time. This is a very helpful tool for both publishers who are looking for highest searched keywords and for advertisers who are researching keywords that are often looked at in the search engines.
Although these may not be the only sources for tracking top paying keywords, it is one of the best that I recommend to new Adsense users. If you have another resource that you think will benefit people’s needs, please, don’t be afraid to share.
Domain After a Keyword

One of the most effective maneuvers that most experienced web masters do, is to name their site’s domain after a top paying keyword listed here. This gives the new domain the advantage of possibly ranking higher in the search engines because the keywords in it’s domain contributes to being found on the search engines.


Top Paying Keyword: Loans
Possible Domain Name: Freeloans.com

Alternative Domain Naming

When you are about to decide a name for your domain and the keyword that your site’s based upon is one of the top paying keywords on Spyfu, the competition to getting ranked high on the search engines might be impossible. Due to the immense competition on that certain keyword in the search engines that advertisers are paying thousands for. Therefore, sometimes using keywords that isn’t precisely the keyword you were originally trying to focus on, but similar, may be the better decision, because there will be less competition for your similar keyword.
Ad Placement and Blending

The placement of your ads play a very crucial role in increasing your Adsense earnings. Preferably people tend to first look at the top right of your page and then at the center, thus making these spots the most dominant position for your ads. The most effective ad size to be used that is most preferred by people was the 336 x 280 text or image Google ad. Using these statistics will greatly increase your ad’s exposure to your readers and possibly increase your PPC(Page views per clicks) ratio.
Blending plays a major role of increasing your conversion of page views into clicks and the more conversions, the more earnings. Blending ads gives readers a possible assumption that the ads are part of your site’s content and will possibly end up clicking on your ads, which is converted into Adsense earnings. For more information on blending and which techniques work best for blending ads, click here.
Although these 3 techniques maybe some of the most effective ways to increase your CPC (Cost per click) Adsense conversion, however, remember that without an audience or what we call it today, traffic, your effort of maximizing your Adsense profits will not go for a good cause. Remember that building an audience is what makes you most profitable and your potential of possibly earning with Google Adsense is unlimited, all the possible earnings you can achieve, all lies within you pushing your self in promoting your sites.