3 Ways to Maximizing Your Google Adsense Earnings

One of your sites may be approved by Google Adsense, one of the top leading PPC(Pay per click) campaigns with the highest pay, but how do you get the most out of Google Adsense to prominently increasing your earnings from Google Adsense, into your pockets?

Researching Keywords

Google Adsense, one of the top paying PPC campaigns and one of the first providers of offering contextual advertising over the web for publishers to earn money by adding Google’s ads on our sites, but how do we start to maximize our profits? The answer is, researching the highest paying keywords. Researching keywords is a very crucial step into maximizing your profits from Google Adsense and also knowing where all the advertiser’s money is being spend at. Keywords with the highest paying CPC(Cost per click) are to be known as the jackpots of Google Adsense, because that is where all the competition is at and where all the advertisers are paying loads of money into. You want to find those keywords and keywords that are somewhat similar also and add them into your site’s meta tags. However, where do we start in findind these “top paying” keywords?


Spyfu – One of the most useful tools on the web for new webmasters to look up the highest paying keywords that are up to date and possibly use them to their advantage. With Spyfu, you are also able to look up keywords and the possible competition that advertisers are paying for a certain keyword. You can learn more about Spyfu on our reviewed tool sites section, here.
Word Tracker – Although the word tracker may not be as helpful as Spyfu, unless you buy the premium version, it will tell you accordingly, how many people searched up a certain keyword in a period of time. This is a very helpful tool for both publishers who are looking for highest searched keywords and for advertisers who are researching keywords that are often looked at in the search engines.
Although these may not be the only sources for tracking top paying keywords, it is one of the best that I recommend to new Adsense users. If you have another resource that you think will benefit people’s needs, please, don’t be afraid to share.
Domain After a Keyword

One of the most effective maneuvers that most experienced web masters do, is to name their site’s domain after a top paying keyword listed here. This gives the new domain the advantage of possibly ranking higher in the search engines because the keywords in it’s domain contributes to being found on the search engines.


Top Paying Keyword: Loans
Possible Domain Name: Freeloans.com

Alternative Domain Naming

When you are about to decide a name for your domain and the keyword that your site’s based upon is one of the top paying keywords on Spyfu, the competition to getting ranked high on the search engines might be impossible. Due to the immense competition on that certain keyword in the search engines that advertisers are paying thousands for. Therefore, sometimes using keywords that isn’t precisely the keyword you were originally trying to focus on, but similar, may be the better decision, because there will be less competition for your similar keyword.
Ad Placement and Blending

The placement of your ads play a very crucial role in increasing your Adsense earnings. Preferably people tend to first look at the top right of your page and then at the center, thus making these spots the most dominant position for your ads. The most effective ad size to be used that is most preferred by people was the 336 x 280 text or image Google ad. Using these statistics will greatly increase your ad’s exposure to your readers and possibly increase your PPC(Page views per clicks) ratio.
Blending plays a major role of increasing your conversion of page views into clicks and the more conversions, the more earnings. Blending ads gives readers a possible assumption that the ads are part of your site’s content and will possibly end up clicking on your ads, which is converted into Adsense earnings. For more information on blending and which techniques work best for blending ads, click here.
Although these 3 techniques maybe some of the most effective ways to increase your CPC (Cost per click) Adsense conversion, however, remember that without an audience or what we call it today, traffic, your effort of maximizing your Adsense profits will not go for a good cause. Remember that building an audience is what makes you most profitable and your potential of possibly earning with Google Adsense is unlimited, all the possible earnings you can achieve, all lies within you pushing your self in promoting your sites.

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